Homemade Clip It Up

As most of you know Clip It Up's are pretty darn expensive. I wanted one but just don't have that kind of money to spend on one so...I got on You Tube and found some videos. I showed them to my hubby and asked him if there was any way he could make me one. This is what he came up with. I love it! I am so happy that I have such a handy hubby!

I can't tell you all the technical terms or tools except that he drilled a hole in the tool caddy that I already was using. This is from Pampered Chef. He said,  "This would be perfect and you could have your pens & things in it just like you do now because you only have a table and not a room."  So we used it. I love how little room it has taken up on my table and I used what I already had. Thanks honey I love it!



Marlene said...

It's wonderful to have a handy hubby! :)

Amy's Designs said...

Yes indeed it is.