4x6 inch Picture Frame

I made this frame after watching a video on youtube.com from Northridge Publishing. She did this a little different but I wanted to make a frame and put a picture of my husbands grandparents in it.

This frame was just a dollar at michaels. I went to an antique store and found a book that was fairly cheap and had more words then pictures to use on the frame. I took a 1 inch punch and started punching away at some pages that I tore out of the book. I then took a pencil and twisted it and then hot glued them to the frame. I started in one corner and started filling in until the frame was completely covered. Then I sprayed Modge Podge on it and sprinkled on the some Martha Stewart glitter before the modge podge dried. Let it dry and shook off the extra glitter. I then tied a bow and hot glued that to the top.

  • 4x6 dollar frame from Michaels
  • Modge Podge - aresol spray
  • Martha Stewart glitter
  • Children's Book from antique store
  • 1 inch circle punch
  • Black ribbon


Karen said...

so inventive love it

JinkyK said...

so pretty, Amy! Love it!

Stacy H-W said...

So very cool!! How long did it take you to make?? I'm inspired but if it took forever I might just pass...lol