Quick simple bow for a present and link to the tutorial

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share a quick bow that I made for a birthday present that I wrapped. I wrapped the present then said where are the bows. Since I am the shortest one in the house everything seems to be out of my reach and the bows were on the top shelf and no one was around to help me get one so I decided that I would get on youtube and pinterest and find a tutorial for one.

 It took me about 5 minutes altogether to make these bows. That was with cutting out the paper, punching the holes, & putting them together.  This is the link to the video I watched on youtube here

Thank you for stopping by today. I just wanted to share a quick idea for you.


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Kathy said...

Wow,these are wonderful.now we can match the bow to the gift,Awesome!!! Thank you for the link. Hugs Kathy